Maria, maman de Martin


Marylene gave me all the knowledge and confidence that I needed during my pregnancy, birth and post partum recovery. Her excellent and vast academic formation makes Marylene a very knowledgable person and I consider a plus the fact that she is also a yoga teacher. I was always very impressed by her deep understanding of the human being. I was always able to feel calm in the most stressful moments of my pregnancy and I felt secure about my ability of giving birth. As a doula it was precious for me to feel that Marylene really that takes care, protects and respects.
Recently, she has smoothened a lot my post partum time helping me not only breastfeeding (which was also very challenging for me) but also caring for my baby in the most varied ways. She is extremely professional and dedicated in all her several plans of action. I am very happy and extremely grateful that our ways crossed at some point of my life. It’s impossible not to love a person like her.

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